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Strong feelings may help artists enter the "flow" state of consciousness.
Anyone who's picked up an instrument knows the joy and pain of coordinating all the physiological pieces required to really
(Story continues below) This study "provides a very plausible hypothesis for why bass parts play such a crucial role in rhythm
Maybe you know what a seizure looks like, but ever wonder what one sounds like? To create the strange music in the recording
Curiously, the findings -- published in the journal Marketing Letters -- contradicted an initial survey in which study participants
The researchers found a strong link between how much a person was willing to spend on a song and the nucleus accumbens, in
But don’t expect your kid to become the next Einstein just because you start him on the clarinet before he can walk. Penhune
The answer from a study just published in the Journal of Neuroscience is a resounding yes. The team of researchers from Northwestern
The study included 87 adults who were asked to watch a captioned video. Their neural responses to the sounds of speech were