music festival

Matty Roberts says he's no longer participating in the possible music festival, citing “poor planning," among other things.
Joana Sainz García was stuck by a pyrotechnic projectile during a light show at a music festival in Spain.
“We are committed to creating a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all," explained organizers of upcoming event at Golden Gate Park.
“People were kicking down the fences. It was intense," said one witness.
Weekends 1 and 2 at the music festival gave us bedazzled face masks, lots of mesh and a Donald Trump-eating-Cheetos shirt.
You'll need a lot more than sunscreen to combat the nasty environment of a music festival. Experts offer guidance.
Perfume, a girl group from Japan, will also hit the stage at the iconic music festival.
The 2018 LoveLoud Festival is part of Reynolds' ongoing pledge to speak out against anti-LGBTQ intolerance.
Well, it's better than making awkward conversation with the driver.
A security guard is keeping watch over a nest where a pair of protected killdeer birds have four eggs.
It wasn't clear whether the van driver hit the group at the Pinkpop festival intentionally or by accident.
A tenth of the man who was one slot above them on the festival lineup? "It was insane."
Billy McFarland allegedly scammed people looking to attend the Met Gala and Coachella as he awaited sentencing on Fyre Festival-related charges.
Fans are re-dubbing the iconic music festival as "Beychella."
We’re treated like drum kits and other inanimate objects.
The Aussie diva joins a star-studded lineup at the two-day LGBTQ music festival.
DJ Kaleb Freitas died shortly after being struck by debris from the collapsing stage.
Federal prosecutors claim Billy McFarland promised a "life changing" festival but "delivered a disaster."