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Marc Geiger, who co-founded the Chicago music festival in 1990, says the world needs to be ready for "a very long forced timeout."
The Recording Academy says the changes "reflect the current state of the music industry" and will be observed at the 2021 ceremony.
Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang aren’t done holding the music industry accountable for not fighting racism and supporting the Black community.
Several top record labels will turn off the music in order to reflect and implement change in response to the death of George Floyd and the killings of other black people.
The documentary carves out a much-needed space for African American women to be the face of the Me Too movement.
The singer and "American Idol" alum also opens up about being a queer artist in the music industry.
The music industry has a vested interest in artists airing their struggles with drug abuse and addiction.
A tenth of the man who was one slot above them on the festival lineup? "It was insane."
She was a rising pop star in the 1960s. Today the 80-year-old looks back on a music industry she never wanted to join. And an anti-Bush anthem everyone ignored.