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Welcome to 2018's most aggressively random feud.
The music industry has a vested interest in artists airing their struggles with drug abuse and addiction.
A tenth of the man who was one slot above them on the festival lineup? "It was insane."
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She was a rising pop star in the 1960s. Today the 80-year-old looks back on a music industry she never wanted to join. And an anti-Bush anthem everyone ignored.
The singer gets personal with thoughts on unity, his evolution and shedding those longer locks.
Queer Voices
Nashville honchos blasted Huckabee as a "shameful choice."
Let's just say he's not betting on her longevity in the music business.
Pink was one of the women shut out at this year's Grammys. Her performance on Sunday night was a quiet spectacle anyway.
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“In the face of uncountable discrimination ... we have gritted our teeth and gotten on with the job. But today we say, no more.”
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The letter vows to “put shame back where it belongs ― with the perpetrators and the people protecting them.”
Because music is still a business. Always has been. Always will be.
Oh and while we're at it -- take risks. The earlier the better. "No one will support you in the music industry until you
We have swung from one extreme to the other. Now it's time for the whole industry to collaborate on a healthy, sustainable
I've been called a whore, a tease, a groupie, a sycophant and everything in between. That sh*t is not ok, but I'm guessing none of it is news for any woman who works in a male-dominated field.
A: "The Internet" is the most succinct answer I can give. As with a lot of industries, music, movies, TV, etc., websites
Cognizant of the difficulties of releasing music or works on vinyl, North Carolina based independent recording artist and
Marketing in it's most base elements is the promotion of a brand, product or service to the targeted people (consumer) you