Music Production

A #TimesUp movement is brewing in music. But is it going far enough?
"I have a rule that none of my music can sound like anything I’ve done before or like anything I’ve heard."
A handful of former contestants, plus host and producer Carson Daly, break down what happens after each season wraps.
“He’s an amazing singer, an amazing performer, but nobody could get past [his being gay].”
The singer/songwriter talks about re-releasing her hit album "A Few Small Repairs" to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Gryffin’s appreciation for the value of artistic differences and individual life experiences, and how those shape music, extends
A Conversation with Joe Scarborough Mike Ragogna: Joe, your new album is called “Welcome To The Monkey House.” What an appropriate
MR: On this EP, you synthesize various elements into your style of pop and rock. With the amount of unreleased songs you
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