Musical Theatre

The musical comedy “Once Upon a One More Time" is set to feature 23 of the pop icon's songs.
Part 1 - When a Musical is More Than a Broadway Show, or That Time a ’90s “Flop” Brought a Teenage Heart to Life It seems
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The man who brought "Rent" to the stage looked back on his career.
Colleges are reporting record numbers of applicants for theatre and most especially for musical theatre. Some have told me
Kevin Smith Kirkwood says his new show is the ultimate tribute to the diva.
In Bebe's view, this idea that we are each purposed to be here is crucial. In fact, he suggests, "It's important to find the reason why we're here. Sometimes we get lost in the craziness and don't really feel there's a reason for our lives.
It's time for Feminism and Musical Theatre to get in bed together.
It was fun watching the audience either remember or realize how many hits The Four Seasons had over the span of their career
In preparing for the big day, which is broken down into three segments beginning at 3 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 8 p.m., Fram and
There was also a challenge in taking a book full of beautiful descriptions and turning it into a dramatic work for the stage
Your college experience is only one in a long string of experiences that will help to mold the person you ultimately become. And your tribe will still love you for who you are, regardless of the college decision outcome.
On the whole, it seems that actors spend more time looking for their next gig than actually working on one. It's one of the
My neighbors arrived a couple of weeks following President Obama's "normalization" of relations with the country. With little
Bradford Ropes wrote a novel about a young girl from Allentown, PA that heads for the New York and Broadway right smack in