R. Kelly is facing trial in Brooklyn, New York, after decades of allegations of sexual abuse crimes against minors.
He was a founding member of the influential metal band in its most popular period and helped write many of its best-known songs.
The Chicago-area musician died after being hit by car while biking.
“We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again," the rocker wrote on his website.
Dagmar Turner, whose performance was caught on video, said the thought of losing her ability to play was "heart-breaking.”
“We are committed to creating a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all," explained organizers of upcoming event at Golden Gate Park.
The rapper's assets in fashion, music and art have pushed him past the billion-dollar mark, according to the magazine.
The "This Is Us" star said she and husband Taylor Goldsmith have new songs "written, ready to go."
The singer's response to Charlottesville made that performance one of the most memorable of his 100 at Madison Square Garden.
The former teen heartthrob, now 30, returns with new music for the first time in four years.