These mom and dad musicians have written lovely songs for their children.
This book easily could have been the story of one broken brain and its contributions to science, but thankfully, it is so
All the red carpet looks from the 59th Grammy Awards.
Jackie K Cooper The book focuses on these blissful years with his father but then abruptly veers into
Tunes, traditions, styles, perspectives -- one might think of us as the carriers of a DNA that can both stubbornly endure and spontaneously mutate as we meet other musicians and enter new realms.
She is equal parts kitsch and social commentary, her music -- produced with drummer Zander Kagle -- deftly toggling between undeniable rump-shaking rhythms and scathing swipes at what it's like to be a woman in the world, musically and otherwise.
Although piano was his 1st instrument at the age of 7, Kevin Lucas became a nationally renowned percussionist and marimba virtuoso as a young man. The spine of this story however, is that Kevin Lucas, a marimba and World Drum Specialist, was Born to Drum.
I have worked with clients, entertainers, and athletes in the public eye my entire career. Over the past decade, I have seen
In some ways music and photography are the same. They both share an artistic expression that appeals to almost everyone.
Each week at The Pollination Project, we shine a spotlight on seven recent recipients of seed grants, allowing their visions
"I had been playing since I was twelve years old, but I didn't have that ah-ha moment until I was thirty-nine. The good thing is, I still got a good amount of life left."
It's unbelievable to me that Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart and Joni Mitchell, to name just a few, are in their seventies. Yes, their seventies! It drives home the fact that we are no longer the younger generation and haven't been for quite some time.
We know the power of artistic expression, and we know that music is essential to life, growth and our well-being, but do we really know how to share this gift of music?
(Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures) This is a brilliant documentary. Completely fascinating. Singing to an empty room has
Katy Perry was the highest-paid singer of 2015, raking in an incredible $135 million.
Agah: It is such a bonus for the artists. They are so inspired by the experience of having these folks a part of their concert
Through the combination of diplomacy and technology we are becoming a more integrated society. Music is the proof and leading language used to help keep us mixing and interacting with each other and each other's content.
The death of Prince last week really knocked me for a loop. As I shared with my son the day of the sad news, his music was a thread woven through much of my young adulthood and beyond.
'Listen a lot. So much of what I've learned has come from listening to old records, going to shows, and keeping my ears open. Be proactive! It's so important to hone your skills, but you can't exist in a vacuum. '
In the body of the report, the NTSB clarified that the engine malfunction itself most likely wasn't that big a deal: "Although