mustard gas

With the exception of the Iraq-Iran war and the civil war in Syria, poison gas in general and mustard gas in particular has
Sulfur mustard is a Class 1 chemical agent, which means it has very few uses outside chemical warfare.
If confirmed, it would be the first indication the militant group has obtained a banned chemical weapon.
The long-tail effects of chemical weapons continue to plague Iraq today, burdening a decimated health care system, and providing horrifying visual fodder for extremists who would incite hatred against the West.
American officials are divided on the meaning of the moves of the arsenal. Some fear Assad may want to use the weapons against
Crews will return to the site on Wednesday to trace the source of the leak, the Army said. The Pueblo Army depot is one of
The United States is bracing for possible Libyan-backed terrorist attacks, President Obama's top counterterrorism official
Scientists developed even deadlier chemical bombs during and after World War II. All of them were supposed to have been destroyed