In honor of National Mutt Day ― a day for “embracing, saving and celebrating mixed breed dogs” that happens twice a year
No mutts about it, these dogs are worthy of a "double tap."
In search of a new BFF? These 9 dogs are up for adoption!
There are many dog breeds out there, and then there are the mutts. We're talking about those that are part retriever, part
How? Let's just say Frankenstein and your adorable bulldog might have more in common than you think. The video ends with
McDonnell's real-life Earl, a Jack Russell terrier just like the fictional comic strip star, lived to be 19 years old. Each
Every girl needs a dog. I'm not saying boys don't need dogs. And I'm not cat bashing, either. Cats are cute. Yeah, I said it. But, I still say every girl needs a dog. Please hold all eye rolls until I've pled my case.
(P.S. My all-time favorite Grouch Marx quote, unrelated to any of the above but always worth sharing: "Outside a dog, man's
Neither are shirtless selfies. If you visit DPA's Instagram page (@dallaspetsalive), you can see a slew of wonderful muttbombs
11. This is Ash. Smokey's owner submitted this Instagram video of the adorable rescue pup, noting his Basset hound and pit