My Fair Lady

Richard Walden President & CEO Operation USA Operation USA (, a 37 year old international disaster
It's the feminist musical parody we never knew we needed.
In the supporting role of Eliza's father, ruddy-faced John O'Creagh is excellent, with speeches that most reflect Shaw's
A few years later she signed on to do Deborah Kerr's vocals in The King and I after the contracted singer was in a fatal
Many musicals tell timeless stories and every generation picks up on another aspect of them. The same musical, same production
Joel and Ethan Coen's Hail, Caesar! is predicated on a wonderful conceit. A cell of left wing screenwriters are hijacking Capitol Pictures. They've kidnapped one of its stars George Clooney and have even converted him to the Communist mantra.
Well, it's not really 20 years, because we only got there in 2007 when I did the Godfather films for Paramount at Warner
We were all his 'favorite nephew'; and while his William Morris clients knew that he lavished equal care on his other stars, I expect that deep inside each somehow felt that she or he was Biff's own favorite.
While the annual era of hysteria is upon us here in Hollywood -- the Oscars! -- there's another one that'll last long after the Academy's fanfare has died down.
The many plusses to these costumes are that you can still wear them as separate pieces after Halloween, and some articles can probably already be found hiding in the back of your drawers.