“Kids all have raw talent. They are all truthful by nature,” Chlumsky said. “They don’t have the walls yet, that we learn
Season 39 of Saturday Night Live may have come and gone, but the digital shorts will live online forever.
The novel chronicles a young boy's discovery and the training he receives in a mystical place called The Ether, as well as the battles he fights in that pit good against evil.
"Gee my first kiss and I get an award." We guess we're not really that surprised, since Chlumsky took a lengthy break from
Way to make us feel really, really old. Anna Chlumsky, who unforgettably played the protagonist in 1991's "My Girl," is pregnant
Whether you're blindsided because a movie's ads conveniently "forgot" to mention that there was sad stuff amid the kid-friendly comedy or because you just didn't know that a certain plot twist was coming, you still have to deal with the aftermath. These tips will help: