My Life

Here are six things I learned, reinforced by some of the amazing people that I met.
As national “conversations” reach a fever pitch and everything becomes politicized and polarized, here I come with my new
If I had known on the day I graduated from Vassar that I would have less than 12 years before I got sick with a debilitating
Do you remember the last time you had a really good day?
On August 19, William Jefferson Clinton turns 69. The nation's 42nd president is known as an eloquent and skilled communicator, writer and storyteller.
Once we figure out how we feel about our own death and dying, the next step we must take -- initiating the conversation with our loved ones -- is often the most difficult step to complete.
Call them the Big Five. Game hunters have their wish-list of trophy animals, and rock music has its own – the elite group
Growing up, Mary J. Blige was always grossed out by the nauseating perfumes of her school teachers, so she was inspired to
Sunanda Nair does. Nair asserts, "Every time that people say, 'Oh, those are a bunch of prostitutes who got arrested,' you
Our greatest vampire hunter? Thousands of books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, but none, until now, has dealt with