My Miami

In other words: advance bacon-ia! Donating to the project ($6 and up) comes with rewards including a delivery of the company's
Last big project you did: Issue 5 of The Miami Rail, released September 12th, 2013. Upcoming projects you’re working on: Another
Last big project you did: Rescuing seven colonies from a wooden home, consisting of an estimated 300,000 bees, all of which
Gabrielle Wood is wearing a dainty, button-down dress, standing in front of a yummy-looking cake. Wood then begins to have
It's Labor Day weekend! A time to kiss summer (and awful humidity) good-bye. But the three-day weekend poses a familiar dilemma
Upcoming projects you’re working on: Right now I am working on my first full length album and am very excited to release
The Little River CSA -- that's short for "community supported agriculture" -- consists of two small vegetable, cut flower
Do you prefer I-395 or I-95? I-395. It's closer to me when I commute to the beach and it's closer to the beach I like to
First memory of Miami? My first memory would be sitting in the surf at the beach with my grandparents when I was about three
Who are you: Perez Hilton, hometown boy. That's right, Hilton is a Miami native who grew up in the neighborhood of Westchester