my so-called life

The world is a mess. Here's '90s Claire Danes in a chair.
We couldn't help but wonder, who is the best?
He represented every LGBT person who didn't feel like they belonged in the world during Christmas, a time where many people who celebrated the holy holiday certainly didn't celebrate people in the LGBT community. I, as well as the rest of the community, were thought of as evil sinners. Remember, this was 1994.
As Angela says, "Sometimes it seems like we're all living in some kind of prison, and the crime is how much we hate ourselves."
Melanie Bishop's young adult novel My So-Called Ruined Life follows female protagonist Tate McCoy during her 17th year, one year after her mother's brutal murder, for which Tate's father is the prime suspect.
Whether you're a scaredy cat or a black cat, we're taking care of your viewing needs this All Hollows' Eve. Using our scientifically calibrated Scare-O-Meter, we've ranked some of the best Halloween content out there.
Sixty-something Kramer is not your typical first time novelist. During his senior year in college he sent a story to The New Yorker, using it as a resume to land a job writing for their Talk of the Town column.
In order to steady our shaky remote finger until the fall, we've decided to go deep into the archives and take a look at some of the supposedly great, albeit now canceled, shows that we let slip through the cracks (even if it was 20 years ago).
We never dreamed that 20 years later, after so many of our own bad boys, you would stay that fantasy. But you are. Even more so. And it may, potentially, be because (scientifically speaking) -- you are so damn hot.
The Emmy-winning actress said she knew "My So-Called Life" was special when she was working on it, but since it was her first
Some of your favorite TV shows have been off the air for a while now ... but that doesn't mean you can't freak out when you
Why It Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled: Think about how many more hours we could have spent watching Claire Danes cry. Ugh, the