Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Women and our warmth will not be dictated by people’s bias, discomfort, or moral judgment.
Some things can’t quite be measured by a sterling resumé and perfect answers to standard job interview questions. More and
Always ready to get their hands dirty, the ISTP is perfect for all of the outdoorsy adventures Portland has to offer. Hippies at heart, the ISTP is ready to explore, create, and understand everything this counter culture town has to offer.
Every single one of us is yearning for answers to the question: "Who am I?" Personality tests become our straw to hold on to. You are sitting on the results like nobody could ever pull that chair away from underneath your behind.
Finding your purpose takes some effort, but it gives you in return such important awareness and insight into yourself. When you think about the rest of your life, investing a bit of time to discover yourself is well worth that effort.
Fitz, ENTP Title: "The Visionary" Most spot-on passage: "ENTPs are less interested in developing plans of actions or making
I do genuinely love the significant part of my life that occurs in the business world. Maybe there isn't one single place I fit, after all.
Kelesidou does not explain why the gap between the ENTJs and all the rest of us started widening so dramatically a few decades
Here are some tips to demystify how Introverts function at work. It can be a tutorial for extroverts whose personalities are on the other end of the spectrum.