The company alerted its app users four days after learning of the hack.
Exercise can be boring and repetitive. But it doesn’t have to be.
A recent study out of Georgetown University found that while 67% of caregivers believe that technology can help, only 10
Until about a year ago, it didn’t even have a marketing team. Today her new title is VP, Marketing for Under Armour Connected
Most of us tend not to have especially deep loyalties to these myriad tools, so we might have three fitness apps on our device, collecting significantly similar data, but each with different data visualizations or other features that make them unique.
What these companies have done represents an ambitious step forward in the use of personal information for product design. We're familiar with our online behavior being used to optimize a website or news feed.
For nearly two decades, I've been committed to preparing the most inspiring and motivated college students for graduate/professional school and lifelong achievement. I have learned that my very best students were focused, driven, and disciplined enough to follow these key steps-to-success during their senior year.
So yes, a month into things, my Fitbit is like my new BFF. I will observe that making friends gets harder as you get older
Come with me, folks. Join me down this rabbit hole where even the lettuce is picked apart and examined scrupulously for its
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