mykki blanco

"I really thought that I was going to jeopardize and lose everything."
Rapper Mykki Blanco: I was prepared to lose my career after coming out as HIV+.
Mykki Blanco is a rapper and performance artist who is known to his thousands of fans as a gender-bending rebel, someone
In a Facebook post On Friday, rapper Mykki Blanco made the decision to share something very personal. Ive been HIV Positive
How did you choose Mykki Blanco to incorporate into the piece? Each movement was based on data from a survey with Hot 97
This coming weekend, September 12-14, over 100 LGBTQ artists and performers will descend upon Austin, Texas for the inaugural Stargayzer Festival -- an epic 3-day queer music & arts mega-fest, previously unmatched in scale.
The video for "One Voice" will debut on Guetta's Facebook page and the campaign's website. The World Needs More... is a collaboration
Spears, who was previously slammed for attempting to exploit the gay community during the release of her last album "Femme
If you haven't heard of Mykki Blanco before, don't blame yourself too much. The female alter ego of transgender rapper Michael