1. Learning to Love a Malaka.
5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 8. Boracay, Philippines Read the original story here. Sure, Barcelona has stunning gothic architecture
  3. Zurich, Switzerland Photo: FREITAG Store Zürich by: Rosmarie Voegtli flickr - Courtesy: Zurich is slowly making
When you find your life's purpose you live a more purposeful and authentic life. You see the world from an agapi state where there is no room for judgment of yourself and others, no room for ego, no need to control, no room for fears and you free yourself of any anger.
Manos Gavras children's book series, Goober the Greek Ingeniously, the series envelops real historical characters and/or
A sun soaked island hillside dotted with small, whitewashed buildings that seemingly rolls straight into the deep blue, Aegean sea. It all seems so perfect, so idyllic.
Mykonos stirs the soul of some, who like me, can't get over the magnetic pull and intoxicating beauty of the place and its people.
Considering remoteness, adventure, and sheer adult pleasure, here is a list of the best places to get to before the miracle known as parenthood overcomes you.
MYKONOS -- The island blinks from afar like the most expensive jewel of the Mediterranean, an oasis distant from the turmoil of Greece's economic crisis.