1. Learning to Love a Malaka.
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  8. Seville, Spain Photo: Seville by: Olivier Bruchez flickr - Courtesy: While many of Spain's other cities (see
When you find your life's purpose you live a more purposeful and authentic life. You see the world from an agapi state where there is no room for judgment of yourself and others, no room for ego, no need to control, no room for fears and you free yourself of any anger.
As a child, one of his favorite things was to talk to people about their stories. "I guess curiosity brought out productivity
A sun soaked island hillside dotted with small, whitewashed buildings that seemingly rolls straight into the deep blue, Aegean sea. It all seems so perfect, so idyllic.
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Mykonos stirs the soul of some, who like me, can't get over the magnetic pull and intoxicating beauty of the place and its people.
Considering remoteness, adventure, and sheer adult pleasure, here is a list of the best places to get to before the miracle known as parenthood overcomes you.
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MYKONOS -- The island blinks from afar like the most expensive jewel of the Mediterranean, an oasis distant from the turmoil of Greece's economic crisis.
As we hit the heart of summer, many people are planning that trip away. Husbands and wives, lovers as well as people in a relationship all look to a vacation to rekindle romance or jumpstart affection.
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Sweets like xerotigana symbolically sweeten our path through life.
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You can preserve these cookies for a long time (almost a month) but you'll have to sprinkle with powdered sugar again before you serve.
It didn't take much time to understand why one might want to purchase a one-way ticket. Here are my top picks when visiting (or permanently staying) in paradise.
Paradise isn't on some far-flung, pricey South Pacific island; actually, it's in Europe. Greece, to be precise.
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I fell for the man because Mykonos does that to you. Worries evaporate on the island of Mykonos, and the only thing forbidden is inhibition. Barriers drop, and everyone falls in love with everyone else.
Featuring everything from idyllic Mediterranean getaways to the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia, here's the list of Europe Hottest Summer Destinations for 2013, straight from thousands of real travelers.
Jordan and Prieto married in Palm Beach, Florida, in the largest wedding tent ever (it was 40,000 square feet). The wedding
The most memorable moments were spent kayaking in the morning, taking a swim around the boat or stopping off on small beautiful islands as we made our way down to Bodrum.
Running is happiness, mixed with a tinge of triumph and maybe a pinch of defiance. It's my recipe for energy and inspiration. It's what gets me started and keeps me going in the morning and in my life.