Mylan Inc

The company was accused of overcharging the government for EpiPens.
Refined coal has quietly generated hundreds of millions of dollars of tax credits for the company over the last six years.
The amount is nearly three times a proposed settlement that the company announced in October.
Violations included a failure to “thoroughly investigate” unexplained discrepancies in drug batches and “missing, deleted, and lost data."
The company came under fire last year after prices for its allergy devices shot up.
Last week, around 81,000 EpiPen devices were recalled in foreign countries.
The life-saving allergy shot failed to work in emergencies.
Mylan came under fire last year for misclassifying its lifesaving allergy pen as a generic drug.
The discount comes after a government investigation into EpiPen's 2008 price hike.
With Mylan Pharmaceuticals' announcement today that Heather Bresch -- company president and daughter of West Virginia Senator