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The oil industry hatched a plan to recruit scientists to sow doubt about the climate change threat. The White House carries that torch.
Bill Wehrum, a former corporate lawyer, joined three other EPA officials at a Cooler Heads Coalition gathering last year.
Mike Pompeo, who was tapped to replace Rex Tillerson, could be the first secretary of state to reject climate science outright. Climate deniers have high hopes for him.
The deniers want Trump to fulfill a campaign promise that some say may prove legally impossible.
Myron Ebell wants Trump to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate pact -- and he thinks the secretary of state is standing in the way.
Donald Trump's former EPA advisor also predicts the Paris climate pact is next on the president's chopping block.
What's the deal with all this news anyway?
A general who doesn't believe in North Korea's threat. A Federal Reserve chairman who doesn't believe in recessions. A surgeon general who doesn't believe in germs. Those are almost as bad as an Environmental Protection Agency transition head who doesn't believe in science. Meet Myron Ebell.
As I started to dig into the election results, I became convinced that not all was lost. There were several definitive rays of hope. These women entered the Senate, and yes, they were all Democrats, and some were women of color.
Myron Ebell will help steer federal agencies that address climate and environmental policy.
Of course the world shouldn't have any say in your domestic politics, but we have a huge stake in U.S. leadership when it
2. Continue to press the federal government to support the clean economy (or at least not dismantle it) A climate denier
For more than 40 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been ably guided by Democratic and Republican presidents
"I've been told by some of the staff it's been useful to them," White told SNL Energy Finance Daily in a recent interview
ExxonMobil's counteroffensive against allegations it deceived shareholders and the general public about climate change risks has a messaging problem. Company PR flacks just can't get their story straight.