"The formerly wet bag of socks... has become crusty," tweeted a reporter who thrice spotted the socks.
Even after bringing it to shore, people have no idea what it is.
"It looked like something straight out of 'Thriller,'" a witness said.
The peace of mind that washes over readers in a bow-tied Christie denouement is comforting to all, but especially to women.
And kill a reader's interest, too. While the story is hypermodern in subject matter, it feels decidedly old-school in its
I'm about to publish my sixth novel, Folly Cove, this fall, and my means of feeling my way out of those slimy or prickly
The contempt these mystery readers sometimes feel directed at them gets recycled as they express disdain for books they don't like which have been written and enjoyed by people they have to denigrate. That's not an argument or even a defense: it's blatant insecurity.
Besides its insane page-turner quality that kept me up on succeeding nights well after a reasonable bedtime, there are so
Congratulations on writing Goodbye to the Dead, a twist-filled psychological suspense novel exploring the nature of good