myths about bisexuality

Failure to acknowledge and address biphobia has had a powerful impact on bisexual health, forcing our risk factors to skyrocket past those of gay and lesbian people.
This week on Gwist, the gay YouTube channel, the girls of Dykeotomy tackle the tough topic of bisexuality and why bisexuals
For more on "The Rubin Report," click here. Calling bisexuality "the hottest of all the sexualities these days," Rubin said
In his new memoir, record executive Clive Davis, who is twice divorced, revealed that he had sex with a man in the 1970s. We are joined by Neal Boulton, Candice Benbow, David Helfenbein and Ike Awgu.
We've all heard the stereotypes: indecisive, confused, wanting the best of both worlds, promiscuous, gay or lesbian in transition, engaging in a fad, seeking attention. If you identify as "bisexual," you've likely encountered at least a few of these clichés.
I have friends telling me that deep down they know I'm gay, and others who have confessed that they've always thought I was straight and just figured I'd eventually find the right guy. Why can't they just take what I say as the honest and only truth?