A young member of the ancient Samaritan community holds ears of a sheep as he participates in the ritual of Passover Sacrifice
She does not try to sugarcoat Palestinian life, nor does she attempt to show the entire Palestinian history in a single film, but gives a glimpse at some elements of Palestinian life.
The City Council voted the proposal down 6-3, although council members encouraged supporters and opponents to find common
My guide, Husam, took me to Tanoreen, which must be the best restaurant in Nablus, where we enjoyed a fine city view and
Popcorn Profile Rated: R (Violence, Gore) Audience: Grown-ups Distribution: Art house Mood: Sober Tempo: Cruises comfortably
"To talk about human rights in the West Bank without talking about the Israeli occupation is like talking about human rights
The Palestinian then began shooting at security services who arrived on the scene, Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld
Can a culture be preserved and reconstructed through its costumes?
With every little bit of change we make in our lives, we can maximize that small change simply by asking ourselves: What's next? What can I do now? What additional responsibility can I take on?
All of the periods in local history, including that of the biblical Israelites, are part of Palestinian history, Taha said