Nadia Comaneci

"It's hard to believe that a 14-year-old did such a thing," she says.
Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner's first kiss was captured on camera 40 years ago.
Nadia Comaneci Three generations of Olympic gymnasts have partnered with Tide Pods for The Evolution of Power video to highlight
It's the mid-70s, and I'm the public relations man for a Denver-based airline. I've been told by the top brass that if the press asks about a certain matter, not to admit anything. I think "finesse it" was the way they wanted me to handle it. Sure, like I'd finesse a charging bull.
Voting for Round 1 runs through 11 a.m. August 3 Voting for Round 2 runs through 11 a.m. August 4 Voting for Round 3 (the
Olympic fever is at an all time high in my household, and it started even before the torch arrived at last week's opening ceremony.
The London Olympics 2012 is officially underway and we're sure that during this year's events, we'll be watching many triumphant
While I may wish that I'd taken my gymnastics aspirations further, upon closer inspection of these girls in their leotards
Leaders of Chicago's Olympic bid were quite pleased with the results of the IOC's recent evaluation visit, the AP reports