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A report due to be released Tuesday aims to offer an object lesson to President Barack Obama: Free trade deals have high costs in unintended consequences for the environment, people's way of life, and local sovereignty.
The President has long made clear that NAFTA is in need of an update on key elements, including labor and environment provisions
A war of words has raged over whether President-elect Barack Obama will hold to his campaign promise of opening up the North American Free Trade Agreement for renegotiation.
A bit of a veer off topic on the Obama conference call to press Clinton to drop Mark Penn. Teamsters President James Hoffa On the Net: "The Canadian Embassy confirmed that he said everything I said on the campaign trail
Allegations of double talk on NAFTA from the Obama and Clinton campaigns dominated the U.S. political landscape on Thursday
Responding to a Canadian Television report that an aide to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, had reached out to the Canadian
Canada and Mexico are rebuking the top Democratic presidential candidates, senators Clinton and Obama, for vowing to renegotiate
The threshold Clinton crossed was to all but endorse the Republican presidential nominee, if the Democratic nominee should turn out to be Barack Obama.