I’m black and I’m a reporter. Those are two things that generally don’t mix.
"I am not sure what else you could call it,” says Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon.
It's expected to be the largest gathering of journalists of color since 2008.
While the Times has evolved in its use of the term, CNN declined to say whether it would recommend its on-air talent not use it.
“Univision, the fifth largest network in the U.S., took a stand against racism and we are all better for it,” Medina's statement
Nogales asked whether Griffin and MSNBC hosts would agree to have a meeting with a group of Latino experts to discuss how
NAHJ demands that the employees involved in the planning and production of this segment be disciplined and made to publicly
Click over for more information. "We ask everyone who is able to, to please donate money to this crowdfunding campaign," the
As a Latino professional, I am done with the whole small-minded mentality we continue to promote when Latinos with different