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“Let investigations be carried out. I have not had a chance to defend myself,” Najib Razak said.
His houses have been searched as part of the investigation into 1MDB.
A hashtag is mobilizing hundreds to vote in the Malaysian elections, but the bots are out in force too.
The continuing rise of economic nationalism is perhaps the biggest threat to cross-border trade, investment and lending in
The key determinant of the success of the fifth Bersih rally, then, depends on the decision citizens make when weighing the
Islamic law is already enforced in some capacity in the more conservative parts of the country, where, for example, religious
The 1MDB scandal alleges stolen billions were diverted into jets, mansions and The Wolf Of Wall Street.
SINGAPORE -- The Trump-Sanders surge sends a clear signal that Americans are losing faith in their political establishment. In theory, America has a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In practice, it has a government chosen by the people to serve special interests, not their interests.
Najib was no boy scout before the 1MDB scandal, but for many in the U.S. policy community he was at least a credible leader who could get things done. Now it appears that the embattled prime minister is more interested in protecting himself than accomplishing the grand reforms he had promised.
When Obama meets Najib Razak at the ASEAN summit in California, it is time for a new direction in the U.S.-Malaysia relationship. Human rights should return to the fore. Obama must publicly demand the release of prisoners charged with politically motivated crimes. For him to remain silent is tantamount to giving Najib a license to act with impunity.
Kuala Lumpur as seen on Flickr via gulfu Under the watchful eye of Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib Razak, an agreement was
As Najib Razak, Malaysia's current Prime Minister, struggles for political survival on the back of the 1MDB scandal, observers are questioning whether this signals the end of his position as the nation's leader.
Modern Singapore's political landscape has often served as a bellwether (or mirror, as the case may be) for what other countries in Asia have come to expect from their polities.
Mahatir Mohamad is a deeply respected figure.
"Stop treating us like fools, Mr. prime minister."
Islam gets a bad rap -- mostly because it is not understood by large populations of uneducated followers who misinterpret the content and context and are guided primarily by the cultural context of the countries where they reside -- the neighborhood if you will.
Now 30, Saiful has since got married and has a son. He said on his blog Tuesday he is thankful for the judgment, which proves
The prime minister's comments come just days after Malaysian government officials announced plans to issue death certificates