The annual ride is billed as promoting cycling as a key form of transportation and fuel-conscious consumption as well as encouraging body positivity.
"At the naked beach, my children saw elderly bodies, overweight bodies, and bodies of people who have disabilities, all of which are good and valuable bodies, despite being rarely represented in our culture."
With security officials avoiding the rain, the naked man had free rein, using the infield tarp as his own Slip 'N Slide.
"Maskity masks and the maskless Karen, take a big whiff of the virus she’s sharing," goes the "One Week" spoof from "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert."
The "Frozen" actress joked, “I just can’t figure out what’s hanging where."
Two English-speaking tourists are being hunted by Italian police for skinny dipping in a war memorial fountain.
He crashed into two cars and assaulted a driver before stripping off his clothes and jumping onto that truck.
"People are more comfortable stripping down when they can do so with less risk.”