Even so, Latinx people made up only 1.4% of all elected officials while comprising 19% of the U.S. population.
In the end, it is not about organizations or ground operations or town halls or messaging. It is about the voter. Each of us has one vote, the moment is here to make it count!
And NALEO's report only analyzed the impact on Latinos in 19 states.
In May, the citizenship application, called the N-400, will become twice as long, going from 10 pages to 21 pages.
jessicadominguezEn "Pregúntale a la Abogada", Jessica Dominguez explica las tres excepciones que permiten tomar el examen de ciudadanía en español.
No more status quo. No more fights at the legislature. And, no more fights within our community. We have a need -- a desperate need to help our Latino students reach their fullest potential.