The lifesaving nasal spray is expected to hit store shelves and online U.S. retailers by late summer -- though it's not clear how much it will cost.
Recovery advocates called Don Bolduc’s comments about the lifesaving treatment “barbaric.”
The president’s drug control strategy will emphasize harm reduction.
“We’re not trying to scare them. We just want to save a few lives.”
The mandate can save lives. It also has driven up the price and sales of the overdose reversal drug.
Making overdose-reversal drug and clean needles more accessible was once an extremely unpopular idea.
Jake, a Florida K-9, had to be given Narcan after having a severe reaction to drugs he found on a passenger.
Pharmacies can dispense the overdose reversal antidote without a prescription, but many aren't doing it.
The dog, Trooper, had a severe reaction to anesthesia.