“We’re not trying to scare them. We just want to save a few lives.”
The mandate can save lives. It also has driven up the price and sales of the overdose reversal drug.
Making overdose-reversal drug and clean needles more accessible was once an extremely unpopular idea.
Jake, a Florida K-9, had to be given Narcan after having a severe reaction to drugs he found on a passenger.
Pharmacies can dispense the overdose reversal antidote without a prescription, but many aren't doing it.
The dog, Trooper, had a severe reaction to anesthesia.
In the 20 years since I last used heroin, my life has been dedicated to the prevention of accidental overdose deaths.
This woman used her openness as a drug user to create a drug union that aims to help people survive the challenges of drug use.
Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.
NARCAN (NALOXONE) Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, and not to be confused with naltrexone (see above), is a medication
President Trump: If you want to end the opioid crisis, give people in long-term recovery a seat at the policymakers' table.
I flick on my lighter and move it back and forth under the cooker until the heroin bubbles. My heart races as I find a good
“You don’t want to come to Middletown to overdose because someone might not come with Narcan and save your life," he said.
It took four doses of the antidote Narcan to revive the Ohio officer.