Each of the community-funded mental health clinics offers free therapy and treatment.
Written with Ellen Utley For so many young people and their families September is a time associated with the invigorating
Oversharing with your pedicurist, yoga class, and pug? Mayim Bialik demonstrates all the moments in life where we could and should be in therapy. For more info on keeping your mind healthy, visit NAMI.
Like other evidence-based practices that promote employment for people with disabilities, supported and customized employment require that policy makers believe what research shows -- people with disabilities can work and want to work.
As someone who has battled depression, I've seen firsthand the dark places it can lead to. I've also seen the opportunity that presents itself when we begin to open a dialogue about topics that so many prefer to change the subject on as soon as they are brought up.
One in five people suffer from a mental illness so there is a good chance lots of couples face this challenge. There are resources available to help and various places (big and small) where you can seek support. Just remember you're not alone.
Two bills to improve psychiatric care are moving through Congress.
Despite the data and the evidence that treatment and psycho-social supports are highly effective and recovery possible for
People diagnosed with serious mental illness -- schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe depression -- die 20 years early, on average, because of a combination of lousy medical care, smoking, lack of exercise, complications of medication, suicide, and accidents. The U.S. has become probably the worst place in the developed world to be mentally ill.
It is an important film for many reasons. It is based on the true experiences of a brave American veteran, Dustin DeMoss, who was willing to share his story about mental illness which nearly destroyed him and his family.
I never thought seriously about becoming a psychotherapist until I was institutionalized in a state psychiatric hospital
I have known dozens of mothers who have lost children to suicide. None ever really got over it. All remained intermittently
Love is the universal solvent to tolerance, I say. No one's disability or lack thereof makes us in any way superior than the other. It is quite elemental, really. Just love and you will be loved back.
The current state of mental health care delivery systems in America is non-sustainable. According to NAMI, in addition to the immeasurable human costs of untreated mental illness, the financial costs continue to spiral out of control.
The mental health industry works very hard to convince government to throw money at "mental health" problems that are very broadly and loosely defined, instead of having a clear focus on delivering basic services to the seriously ill.
America desperately needs to correct the human stain of the criminalization of persons with mental illness. So, let's bring everyone into the fold, learn from others and leverage social media to drive new energy in the cause to #justfixit.
Liza Long is the mother of a son who has bipolar disorder. When her post-Newtown blog post "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" went viral, she decided that she had to speak up for children like her son. Her goal is to expose the gaping cracks in our badly broken mental healthcare system.
Our fairly recent reliance on prisons and homelessness as solutions to mental illness was the common fashion 200 years ago but now seems anachronistic and indecent in a society that has the tools and can afford to do much better.