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Demonstrators demanded that the Sackler family fund treatment for OxyContin addiction.
2016 Aperture Summer Open: Photography Is Magic runs from July 14 - August 11, 2016 at Aperture Foundation. Cindy Sherman
Photography dealer Peter Fetterman at The Getty. Photo by EMS. On the way to the LACMA grand opening of Mapplethorpe. Photo
A recent essay in the Telegraph entitled “The Secret Lives of the Great Artists’ Lovers” begins: “For as long as man has
Twenty-five years ago today, the first Day Without Art began as the US art world's national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis.
It was the wildest film festival I have ever attended: the Lisbon-Estoril Film Festival, now in its eighth year. First, the range of the program was staggering.
Corinne Vionnet layers hundreds of similar photographs of the same landmark to give an impression of a place we all know. Influenced by the mists of Monet and Turner, as well as early etchings of monuments, she hopes to create a portrait of collective memory.
A pretty, blue-eyed blond and a young boy say a tearful goodbye to one man, and in the next scene, leave by car with another. Border patrol, strip searches, humiliating intrusive interrogations lead to a refugee camp with more of the same.
Over fifty years later, Goldin has managed to surprise us once again with one of her most unexpected artistic moves yet -- compiling
Much of Goldin's earlier work, the work that made her name, captured the vivid atmosphere of a world of which she was a part, and which now only exists in our cultural mythology and the memories of and artistic documents created by its survivors.
Goldin's photographs, saturated in color and drenched in sweat, depict loved ones and lovers from the 1970s to the present
Each artist takes a different approach to the theme of nightlife, exploring media from painting to photography to performance
"Photography" will show at Aperture Gallery from February 1–February 9, 2013. William Eggleston is the classic American veteran
2013-02-01-ScreenShot20130201at4.49.35PM.pngWhen considering torture and terror, the first question of relevance is, Do we require an experience of torture and terror first hand, either as a survivor or as a witness, to be credible on the subject?
If you want to escape the auditory bombardment, there is one island of contemplative contemporary art that has just opened in an old manor house at the very heart of Avignon -- and it's the single richest private collection to arrive in France, say the promoters, in more than a century.
Pucker up, readers, it's National Kissing Day! The holiday actually originated in the UK to bring back the simple pleasure
The photographer embarked on a decade long public installation in which every year a series of photographs would be mounted
Bertien van Manen's exhibition "Let's sit down before we go" features 60 photos taken from 1991 to 2009, when the photographer