Try it out for a day: be mindful of your moment to moment choices between empathy and judgment--not just for others but for yourself as well. Try seeing from and through the vulnerability parts of yourself and others, and notice where it takes you, inside and out.
The good news is that we can break out of habitual patterns--we can choose who and how we want to be in each moment, what part of ourselves we want to strengthen, and ultimately, what kind of life experience we want to create.
Surrender isn't something that our minds can accomplish, but it is something that, with awareness, we can invite into our lives.
Try it out for a moment -- this moment. Just let yourself be. Give yourself permission to have the experience you are having, whatever it is, with no story about whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. Feel how you actually are. It's that direct and that simple.
Practice these steps and when you forget to practice them, remember and start again. If you commit to making this effort, you will grow in ways you can't yet know, and so will your relationships and your life.
There is no better time for growing than the holiday season. And not just growing in the belly, but in the heart and mind as well. Family interactions, particularly those that go on over a period of consecutive days, offer profound opportunities for self-awareness, learning, and evolution.