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Now, I shall finally fall fast asleep, To awaken not within your embrace, but alone. Oh, save me from this frozen death of
How invigorating to meet a humble brainiac, whose kind, compassionate, a feminist, in 2016 who's has pulled tote for almost two decades! Here's a message from the one and only Penny Milliken, CEO of HeR Interactive.
By Allison Tyler | Off the Shelf Get Off the Shelf Delivered Daily to Your Inbox It's hard to characterize, or even accurately
The network should've thought twice before rejecting "Nancy Drew."
Ingrid Thoft's wish to create a credible P.I protagonist led her to obtain a certificate in private investigation from the University of Washington. Her debut novel, Loyalty, was nominated for the 2014 Shamus Award.
Not far from Wirt, actually. "Millie always thought she could do anything that she wanted to do," Nancy Drew collector Jennifer
The process of designing her board game has been intensive. Quincy had to start her own board game company and obtain licensing
Ingrid Thoft's just-released novel, Identity, involves thorny legal and psychological issues raised by a single mother, Renata Sanchez, who was impregnated by artificial insemination.
I have been told that a vast cache of service records were destroyed by fire. So I am put to sleuthing - not for a crime