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I am taken, and I am left, breathless Where all I can do is think of you. There is a frost, a chill that is familiar. It
How invigorating to meet a humble brainiac, whose kind, compassionate, a feminist, in 2016 who's has pulled tote for almost two decades! Here's a message from the one and only Penny Milliken, CEO of HeR Interactive.
By Allison Tyler | Off the Shelf Allison Tyler loves to read, and encourages you to support your local library. Get Off the
The network should've thought twice before rejecting "Nancy Drew."
Ingrid Thoft's wish to create a credible P.I protagonist led her to obtain a certificate in private investigation from the University of Washington. Her debut novel, Loyalty, was nominated for the 2014 Shamus Award.
In the revised editions, Nancy is a far less opinionated woman, too. A couple decades later, Stratemeyer's network of freelance
The teen created a Kickstarter fundraiser to help produce "The Nancy Drew Board Game." She has until Oct. 26 to meet her
Ingrid Thoft's just-released novel, Identity, involves thorny legal and psychological issues raised by a single mother, Renata Sanchez, who was impregnated by artificial insemination.
Wells graduated from New York University in 1934, having become the first female editor of NYU's literary quarterly. She
None of that really matters, though. What made Veronica truly special to me was that she was human. Sometimes, Veronica needed
Surprise! Your friend needs a last-minute plus-one/a guy you like has apparated at a party/your boss is one row ahead of you at a Sunday matinée of Frozen... and you're wearing a Hanes tee-shirt and no make-up.
The "Sweet Valley High" books hit e-readers last week, and while twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are getting introduced
What would happen if the world's greatest detectives were in a fight to the death?
I can assure ABC that former Pan Am'ers will be watching their new television series en masse in hopes that the writers will be able to capture even a little bit of the spirit of glamour and adventure that our company represented.
Lisa Scottoline is a very good author but this time she just had one plot too many. This hurts the story rather than "saving
Papercutz is relaunching the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys graphic novels -- and the first volumes of each are a delight. The
Thirty years ago, ABC-TV delighted and outraged sci-fi fans with its new series, Battlestar Galactica, a lovable beneficiary of Star Wars' success. Happy Birthday, BG!