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You're too fat, you're too skinny, you're too muscular are all words women across the world continue to hear. While social media has played an important role in bringing awareness to body shaming it has also in more ways than one opened the door for more body shamming to happen anonymously.
A pediatrician explains the appropriate limits on kids' interaction with technology.
Joshua Oppenheimer's 2013 documentary "The Act of Killing" detailed the Indonesian genocide of the 1960s, which has been
The single life can be hard for anyone, yet women face a special kind of sexist stigma if they haven't put a ring on it. One
She also admits that she was afraid to tell Alan about her abortion. Though they began dating as teenagers, both Al and Lisa
I like the term "shameless self promotion," because it flies in the face of the standard teaching that self promotion, especially for people who do spiritual or healing work is a no-no. Humility and letting people come to you and then not expecting to get paid much if at all, is to considered a virtue among some circles.
But he does still get on a snowboard from time to time. "I still do get out there, and I still have so much fun snowboarding
Continued below. Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live. She continued, "It's a wonderful concept to want to lose 200
Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom explained that Dos Santos' inability to wake up was a normal biological occurrence called the sleep-wake
Ahead of the eighth season of "19 Kids And Counting," 20 of the 21-member Duggar clan joined HuffPost Live to talk about