Nancy Redd

You're too fat, you're too skinny, you're too muscular are all words women across the world continue to hear. While social media has played an important role in bringing awareness to body shaming it has also in more ways than one opened the door for more body shamming to happen anonymously.
A pediatrician explains the appropriate limits on kids' interaction with technology.
Joshua Oppenheimer's 2013 documentary "The Act of Killing" detailed the Indonesian genocide of the 1960s, which has been
The end result remains a memorable staple of futuristic design, and Bell told HuffPost Live he's "shocked" it's still being
Behind all the senseless arguments and viral video fun you may have with Siri, Apple's built-in "intelligent personal assistant
Recent reports claim Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took steps to ensure their next child would be a boy by using only male
The fabulous single ladies of "Sex and the City" couldn't agree more. In an episode called "Bay of Married Pigs" from the
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Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live. For most of her life, blogger Starr Vartan took a shower every night using
She also admits that she was afraid to tell Alan about her abortion. "I got involved with one of my friend's cousins and