nanette burstein

The Clintons address how the former president's affair impacted their family in a new docuseries, which tracks how Hillary pushed forward in the face of sexism.
"Gringo" takes a deeper look into the antivirus pioneer's reported crimes.
The Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan story played out like a Lifetime movie, and members of the media ate it up like tabloid candy. It had a catfight element that we love so much, and a class-war theme (even though Kerrigan also came from a working-class family): "The Reigning Ice Princess Taken Down By The White-Trash Wannabe."
Going the Distance is a surprisingly funny movie. It's not great - not by a long shot. But it made me laugh on a much more regular basis than I expected. And that's not something I can discount easily.
I'm not saying Mitch Reinholt will have the career of someone as talented as John Travolta -- nor do I know if he even wants to try -- but who knows?
When did documentaries become something film studios needed to hide? It's one of my favorite art forms -- what is more effective than an excellent documentary?