napping tips

Rule No. 1: Do not take a nap if you have trouble sleeping at night.
Keep It Quiet Be protective of your sleep space, says Grandner. You're looking for a place that's as quiet as possible (consider
Though it sounds paradoxical, scientific evidence suggests that consuming caffeine just before taking a short siesta does
6. Time it right. Studies have tested a wide range of nap times, but for most individuals, it seems between 10 and 20 minutes
Breus recommends trying a short caffeine nap (or as he calls it, a "napalatte"), that can leave you feeling extra energized
PHOENIX -- Did you get a complete and restful night's sleep last night? If not, and if right now you're reading this article
A nap can be the quickest way to reboot your tired brain in the afternoon, charge yourself up for the rest of the day, and help you refresh yourself down to the cellular level.