The dog, Trooper, had a severe reaction to anesthesia.
This woman used her openness as a drug user to create a drug union that aims to help people survive the challenges of drug use.
Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.
More than 150 people died of heroin- or fentanyl-related overdoses in Butler County last year.
“You don’t want to come to Middletown to overdose because someone might not come with Narcan and save your life," he said.
The price of heroin's overdose antidote has increased dramatically in the last two years.
Advocates say this is another important step toward preventing fatal opioid overdoses.
The pharmaceutical industry's marketing of prescription painkillers to doctors is a driving force behind the nation's current opioid addiction crisis. Given the role that the pharmaceutical industry has played in creating the crisis, they should play an equally large role in resolving it.
This week the CDC released its long-awaited report on overdose prevention programs providing naloxone to laypersons. The detailed report, which surveyed 136 naloxone distribution programs nationwide, confirms some of what overdose prevention advocates already knew, but also holds a few surprises.