The lifesaving nasal spray is expected to hit store shelves and online U.S. retailers by late summer -- though it's not clear how much it will cost.
People may be able to purchase the treatment at their pharmacy — a change experts are celebrating.
Nalaxone is a drug that can be administered to an individual in an an opioid overdose state. VOCAL NY is a community organization that teaches trainings on how to administer Nalaxone.
The dog, Trooper, had a severe reaction to anesthesia.
This woman used her openness as a drug user to create a drug union that aims to help people survive the challenges of drug use.
Most drivers aren’t prepared for this situation, but they’re in a unique position to save a life.
More than 150 people died of heroin- or fentanyl-related overdoses in Butler County last year.
“You don’t want to come to Middletown to overdose because someone might not come with Narcan and save your life," he said.