The next thing I knew, I had crossed the dividing line in the road and was heading straight for a VW bus.
As a teenager, you’re hit by waves of stress and pressure until it no longer becomes a wave but an atmosphere that constantly
It takes treatment and a dose of self-awareness.
But for Julie Flygare, that's not the worst part of living with the disease.
Oh okay. That's a super suggestion because my doctor is actually Dr. Who! I'll just make an appointment with him and demand that he team up with Harry Potter to advance medical research by several decades or so.
So to everyone who has narcolepsy and still wakes up every day: YOU ARE AMAZING. You win. And don't ever believe otherwise. Stand up for yourself. This is your life, and you can do incredible things! You just have to realize that. Don't be afraid to tell your story.
Why are people with narcolepsy constantly subjected to the ridiculous statement, "I wish I could sleep that much?" Not like that, you don't. Narcolepsy is by no means fun or funny.
It doesn't help you pay attention or be more creative.
Dear friend, You might be curious to know what my disease consists of. You're surely detached enough to listen to me calmly. I've met very few people who were able to listen to me. Maybe none. But you're here, with a fresh mind and a calm eye.
The National Institutes of Health says that narcolepsy is an “underrecognized and underdiagnosed condition" which affects
About six months later, I woke up one morning in the law school parking lot unsure of how I'd got there. I remembered leaving home, but couldn't recall arriving at school. I'd gotten 10 hours of sleep the night before. For the first time, I thought: Maybe I have a sleep problem.
I'm not Wonder Woman, far from it. Narcolepsy challenges me daily. I take medication twice a day and twice a night, both of which cause unpleasant side-effects. And I still have sleep attacks and cataplexy every day.
One of the first challenges for a physician faced with a pediatric sleep problem is to identify who actually has the problem: the parent, the patient, or another family member. As most of us are aware, one person's sleep problem can produce symptoms for the whole house.