naropa university

"The training helps students ground themselves in more goodness and look at life in a positive way."
Killing the prairie dogs, or allowing them to be killed, is hardly "radical compassion." Indeed, it's radically dispassionate and utterly sickening. I wonder what Chögyam Trungpa would feel if he knew Naropa turned into a killing field. Let's hope and pray it does not.
In the context of the "Mindfulness Revolution", mindfulness has been introduced to many college and university campuses as an element of classroom activities, student clubs, and offerings from wellness centers.
The motivation behind Schmidt's enterprise are the emerging societal needs that oceanography will be expected to address in the near future.
Sandoval, who in 2005 earned her master's degree in environmental leadership from the Though the impending birth of his second
Naropa University, the Buddhist-inspired school of contemplative education, is looking for a new home -- possibly outside
I can't imagine what it must feel like to come of age in this time. I do know I would be much more worried about the future had I not found out about Peacejam.
Last Friday I went to hear a keynote address from Iran's only Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr. Shirin Ebadi. I was blown away.
This is a rare opportunity for all of us to hear from a leading Iranian peace advocate about her vision for human rights and women's rights in Islam.
Yoga studios proliferate. My stereotype of Boulder has had to change. Formerly it was a blonde mom driving a Land Rover and on her cell phone. Now: a 20-something carrying a yoga mat.