Will Kelis’ bravery open the doors for the hip-hop community to finally stand up for black women?
“I didn’t say anything [then] because I wanted things to work," she said.
Using laws written by Napoleon, lawyers in the state are taking on drug makers and distributors, and the suit could potentially overshadow a far bigger federal case.
"I was raised to understand that every month was Black History Month."
The hip-hop veteran penned an open letter expressing his thoughts on President Donald Trump.
Bevel, a black-owned business, diversifies its consumer base while staying loyal to its founding ethos.
“This collection is about turning things around and instilling positivity," he tells HuffPost.
The world has changed immensely since the release of "I Gave You Power," but the issue of gun violence in America has, more or less, remained the same. Aside from being a baronial and complex story, Nas' song was a forewarning of what was to come.