Legacy Motor Club, Gragson's team, said his actions don't represent its values after he liked the insensitive meme with a photo of Floyd's face.
Investigators believe Johnson's mother-in-law fatally shot her husband and 11-year-old grandson before turning a gun on herself.
Investigators in Muskogee, Oklahoma, believe the racing champ's mother-in-law, Terry Janway, shot and killed her husband and grandson before shooting herself.
The person said over the radio, “Go back to where you came from” and then added another non-racial expletive.
The NASCAR driver flipped the bird in a TV interview after an impressive finish.
"We'll learn from it and move on," the driver said after what one outlet called a "bonkers meltdown."
The driver will miss this weekend’s NASCAR race in Las Vegas.
“Finally making my dream a reality," the "Malcolm in the Middle" star wrote on Instagram.
Ross Chastain sailed some 70 mph faster than the rest of the field to move up to fifth place on the final lap at Martinsville Speedway.
Wallace, the top circuit's only Black driver, was the first competitor to be suspended for an on-track incident since 2015.