nash grier

“How can one person say so many terrible things on every end of the spectrum and never realize they’re wrong?"
To join the challenge, all you have to do is break something -- whether it's breaking a pencil, breakdancing, or breaking a record -- and nominate your friends to do the same, much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The goal is to raise awareness and donations at the same time.
Vine star Nash Grier might seem like he's all wigs and personal injury humor, but if wasn't for his nearly 12 million followers
I was just a normal kid. I had 1,000 followers and I was the farthest thing from a role model and the person I consider myself to be today. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry to each and every person I have ever offended.
He didn't do it for the Vine. Social media star Nash Grier totally killed it in his recent parody of the horror flick "Ouija
"Testing for HIV. It's not a gay thing," the commercial says. In an April interview with New York Mag, Grier said he likes
User-generated entertainment platforms such as Vine and Instagram are especially valuable for artists and entertainers who already have a skill and need a vehicle to reach audiences.
Brown slays him, but it's clear the poem is more about her -- about women and the process of self-discovery and love -- than
Being constantly told that being the wrong height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color or "type" is what stands between you and your potential happiness is despicable.