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The former Nasty Gal entrepreneur is back with a new business.
Julia Llanos of Hello Dudettes made a slick video proving that Sophia Amoruso is the ultimate role model.
5. Kay Cannon is a writer and co-executive producer on the television series New Girl. Liz Meriwether is the woman/creator
Inspired by Amoruso's book, the series centers on Sophia's rise from dumpster-diving and selling vintage clothes on eBay
This #Girlboss author was once a self-proclaimed anarchist. Now she employs over 350 people at her own company.
Gloria Noto is the model of a modern day renaissance woman, mastering the art of the multi-career lifestyle. By trade, she is a makeup artist, whose expertise in the field has been recognized by The Hollywood Reporter and has landed her as a regular contributor with both Nasty Gal and Refinery29.
Take that desk of yours and decorate the sh*t out of it until it magically transforms into that corner office. To create the ultimate workspace, start by making it homey and personal with a jolt of energy. Think ambient lighting, warm pops of color and personal touches like artwork.
With a background in finance and investing, Jocelyn Gailliot is the Tuckernuck's CEO and is primarily responsible for growth strategy, business development and assists co-founders Maddy and September in buying.<