nasty woman

The president of the United States deploys the insult to tar women who don't bend to his will.
Janelle Monae is hinting at the idea of mass producing her “Pynk” pants.
His crowning moment in the many horrors of his first week on the job was this weekend's dangerous, unconstitutional, and
Peace in all its pain and diversity and anger. Women and men, grannies and toddlers, lots and lots of children. I saw one
MLK day is just six days before The Women's March on Washington on January 21. The Letter From Birmingham Jail and MLK's
Because nasty women look good while getting stuff done.
To Trump, women are an accessory to power, not power themselves.
I share my stories so a reinvigorated rape culture mentality does not befall today's girls and boys like it did me. Perhaps I can prevail upon at least some of their parents not to vote for Trump.
I voted early, and I voted for Hillary Clinton. I brought my daughter with me. The joy I felt at casting a ballot for this wonderful, qualified, first woman president momentarily made me forget about all the pain and ugliness of this election. I felt like a powerful mom, indeed.
Her empathy for those less fortunate is DISGUSTING.
Folks everywhere have understood that this season exposes a crease in time. A fissure between summer and winter. Between
Before she was “nasty,” Donald J. Trump praised Hillary as a “wonderful woman.”
Before she was “nasty,” Donald J. Trump praised Hillary as a “wonderful woman.”
What Trump's campaign has shown us is how much work we as a nation face to educate our own people to understand the diversity in the United States is a positive thing and a part of what makes us so great.