nasty women

This movement was adopted by strong men, unafraid of strong women. I have mourned. I have cried. Now I will march. I will
Well, at least this one did - with a 14-month-old. You have to admit, it’s a headline the GOP would have loved to have thought
"We can’t just be defeated; we can’t just turn apathetic. We have to be active."
Finally, a piece femmes and queers will be happy to put in their mouths.
Today more than ever we need leaders who are visionary, have integrity and strive for equity. These leaders need to be diplomatic and efficient to make things happen, but nasty enough to fight the battles that need to be fought in order to transform this world and to make it a world worth living in.
Denise Vivaldo is the author of eight cookbooks. All available on Amazon. And she's with her. At 23, I was putting my first
Nasty women, we hope you're singing this all the way to the ballot box.
Maybe this, together with all the dark talk of "rigged elections" from Trump will finally provide a dash of enthusiasm for Clinton, here at the homestretch -- it'd certainly be a fitting end to the most bizarre presidential campaign of everyone's lifetimes.
'Women let you do it,' Trump claims about his casual harassment program with the ladies. Yes, a too-large number of women allow just about everything on a bad day it seems without fighting back.