Nat Hentoff

The critic and free-speech crusader died at home, "surrounded by family listening to Billie Holiday," according to his son.
Alterman's attracted significant musical mentors including Les McCann, with whom he co-wrote "The Theme," a lush, sensuous
Dizzy Gillespie's big band, at Birdland in New York. Coming down the stairs I heard a crackling, stunning trumpet cadenza
Like always, please ignore all typos. Of course what do I know? In any event, despite my curmudgeonliness-slash-idealism
Whether you care about jazz, civil liberties, freedom of speech throughout history, or the First Amendment on campus, be sure to check out this new interview with jazz critic and civil liberties legend Nat Hentoff.
Even his forced departure from the Village Voice could not dampen Nat's zeal nor temper his voice. In fact, Hentoff has been
The news that Bob Dylan would embark on a concert tour of Asia had many waiting to see what, if anything, he would say to audiences long oppressed by their governments. So far, the so-called voice of freedom has remained mute.
I don't necessarily believe in follow-the-leader, but knowing how other recipients feel about the ADL controversy and the Cordoba mosque could be instructive and important.
WHO: Mingus Big Band WHAT: Mingus Big Band performs at Jazz Standard as part of its weekly "Mingus Mondays" residency WHERE
At the age of 85, Hentoff is a radical in the best sense of the word -- a true freedom fighter and warrior journalist with
At 84, Nat Hentoff is an American classic who has never shied away from an issue.
The troubled Village Voice laid off three employees Tuesday, including Nat Hentoff, the prominent columnist who has worked