natalie cole

Prince could do it all. Play everything. And he could dance to boot. In heels. The night he died there was nothing on my Facebook or Twitter feed but posts about him. We all expressed our sorrow in our own way.
Scott Weiland fans watched with bated breath, hoping the 58th Grammys would show some appreciation for the late rock star, singer/songwriter, and frontman of two of rock and roll's most successful bands of the '90s and turn of the century.
Ken Ehrlich called the tribute "so touching and so emotional."
Mom's favorite performance of the night was Joey Alexander, the 12 year old piano virtuoso -- the evening's youngest nominee, and the only one to score a perfect "10" from both of us.
"She deserves more than [to be a part of] a minute-and-a-half tribute."
R&B star Chaka Khan is expected to sing at the funeral.
The 65-year-old died on Dec. 31.