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Comedian Natasha Leggero took some heat for a joke she made on national television a few days ago, but on Friday, she took to her Tumblr to explain to her critics exactly why they are wrong.
But Leggero's approach is more in line with that of Joan Rivers, who refused to apologize for a joke about the Holocaust
Jerry's was from this season, when his character finds an ancient cavewoman. "Natasha's character ... she goes, 'What are
Revelers and roasters hit the Red Carpet for The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco with spunk and fervor recently and their target was clear: To poke fun at the eclectic Oscar nominee/filmmaker/artist/Yale student/teacher/esoteric, creative beast.
"We did a lot of improv," Leggero told Zap2It. "It's like the only TV show that I've really been into in my adult television
Ken Marino and Natasha Leggero of 'Burning Love... by DM-Exclusives "Anthony, I am livid," Marino says after Layser picks
Watch episode one above and two and three below. New episodes appear on Yahoo! Screen every Monday and Thursday. Where in
Sunday, June 3 "Faust" at National Gallery of Art This updated Czech version of the story is parts puppetry, play, ballet
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