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A few months later, Pulitzer Prize-winner Don Van Natta Jr. left for ESPN, where he has thrived as a senior writer across
Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson writes: "Today, obesity is the scourge that stalks the African-American population (as with most Americans). But it wasn’t so long ago that HIV/AIDS and infant mortality were top of mind for blacks."
“I strongly suspect,” Keller said, “the first line of my obit will be ‘Bill Keller, who brought Nate Silver to The New York
The defection of statistics-wrangler Nate Silver from the status peaks of the New York Times for the flatlands of ESPN and
Sullivan offers readers what insight she can into Silver's departure, and the way he fit into the newspaper's overall "culture
Statistics wiz Nate Silver, who made headlines for predicting the outcome of the 2008 and 2012 elections using a unique analysis
Clarification on December 18 at 7:50pm: An earlier version of this article stated that Silver described himself as "sexually
Silver has been on quite the media tour since the November election, and recently made quite the statement during an interview
One high-level talent agency source says that Silver, who does not have entertainment representation, is attracting strong
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy New York Times blogger Nate Silver was the topic
The New York Times said Thursday that it would begin hosting the popular blog FiveThirtyEight and make its founder, Nate